Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Batman '66 League of Shadows...

I had actually forgotten about this, but thought it would be a fun share.

While working on my Bane issue of Batman '66 I had an idea for 66ing more of the Caped Crusader's Rogues, as well as revisiting some who appeared on the show.  It all escalated quickly and I spent a day putting a package of material together to pitch Jeff Parker.

By the time I got it to him the regular series had been cancelled though, so bringing the idea to fruition wasn't in the cards unfortunately.  But here is a collection of character designs for the League of Shadows '66.  I really wanted them to feel like Batman's equivalent to SPECTRE.

My idea was to hint at the League with another Bane appearance, by re-introducing Nora Clavicle.  She would meet with Bane and discuss with him her "father."  The other members of the League would be peppered in smaller back-up stories, as some of the players were not major threats on the show.  I really wanted to reintroduce many of the lesser used and regarded.


The big twist would have been Nora Clavicle being revealed as Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, Talia.  Nora had originally infiltrated every civic office of Gotham City, which I thought reflected her counterpart in the Dark Knight Rises.  Made for a nice nod to Talia's legacy.

Then Ra's would enter the picture, all Peter Fonda'd up in his hippy-messiah garb.

The image order was exactly how I pitched it to the Bat-Team.  Tried to add some drama, right?

Oh, I had also hoped to revisit Killer Moth.  His Batgirl pilot appearance just wasn't enough for me.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


“Loneliness already knows u/There ain’t no reason 2 stay/Take my hand, I’ll show u/I think I know a better way”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Wyatt Family! Follow the Buzzards, Baby!

Well, hello there.  So, I’ve been felled by Bilateral Pneumonia for the past 8 weeks (…for real? Just adding that up, yikes!).  Anyway, so I’ve finally regained my strength and energy and decided to celebrate by drawing the WYATT FAMILY!  Yup, while laying horizontal, sick I stumbled across them and have now begun watching wrestling again after 15 years.  *Tear* it’s like finding a long lost love…

Friday, October 10, 2014

Batman '66 #17 or Dreams DO Come true...

Okay, yes, I'm drawing and colouring Batman '66 #17 for DC Comics....!

This is where I find myself: Living the dream, baby!  As a munchkin there were few things I loved more in life than curling up and watching the Adam West BATMAN TV Show.  I mean, sure, that led well into my late 20s, but thats another story.  1966's Batman inspired my entire illustration aesthetic, as my school-chums and instructors can attest to.  I always wondered "...how can I include Adam West or Batman in this assignment?" -- and in many cases I triumphed!  Hazzuh!

But, as time passed I realized I couldn't just draw '66 Batman, mostly because there was no book or series being published focusing on it.  Well, thanks to the fine folks at DC Comics that book now does exist.  And with a wink-and-nod to Jeff Parker and Jim Chadwick I find myself fulfilling the dream of my munchkin-self and drawing the Adam West Batman.  Professionally.  I know, pretty great, right?

I've been a quite a journey, and I still find it unbelievable working on something I so longed to do.  But here I am.

So, I decided to dive in and show you folks some of the Bat 66 work I've assembled over the years in chasing my dream:

In my fourth year of study at the Alberta College of Art and Design I had the idea for a drawn history of the making of the Batman TV Show.  c2008

Then I had an idea to do an animated version of the show. c2009

Then college ended, and I started drawing comic books professionally.  Occasionally folks would ask for a Batman commission...well, there was only ever one Batman important enough to me to draw.  So, anytime anyone asked they got Adam West Batman.  That's how I roll, baby!  c2010-2013

Then any extra time I found for working in my sketchbook...yup, mostly just turned into a stroll down Bat-Lane. c2010-2011

And that brings me to now!  A deeply trusted friend & colleague mentioned to Jeff Parker BATMAN '66 was my dream job, which got Jeff and I talking.  Amazing, right?  Obviously I had to provide some test-work to ensure I could recreate actors likenesses...well, can I really call this work?

I always loved John Astin's RIDDLER! And while he doesn't appear in the series, he does in this test work I sent to Jeff,  Jim Chadwick and Aniz Ansari.

So, that's a snapshot, dear friends and neighbours, of my dream to draw Batman.  I'm so thankful to be here and having been able to experience this!

Keep your eyes opened for the digital version being released through Comixology soon, and the print issue available November 26, 2014 (the same month the TV Series is released on DVD and Blu-Ray!).  

Keep an eye trained for this cover (from the entirely too talented Mike & Laura Allred!  The bestest people in comics!).  Yeah, I got to draw and colour King Tut, my fave villain from the show!

Thanks all, what a ride this has been!

Scott K

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DOWN SET FIGHT Digital Covers....

Okay, so I'm swamped at the moment.  Lots of juggling of projects, which should result in some pretty terrific material for you wieners to read later this year or early next.

So, I want everyone to buy/read DOWN SET FIGHT I love it, and it seems like folks who have read it do too.  I'm going to try and make and post some new images for the book as I'm a little bummed the book hasn't done triple SAGA sales.  You know, something totally reasonable.  Though I have sold out of my copies at both Conventions I've been to this year.

Anyway, lets get started with posting the full line of digital covers.  #5 was my favourite solely for the fact I drew DOGPOUND again.  Aw, DP.